Global cooperation for Local children.

In a rare occasion, (3) Alumni DeMolay Chapters and an active DeMolay chapter combined efforts and resources to organize an event for the benefit of Bahay ni San Jose, an orphanage in the town of San Antonio Nueva Ecija.

Members of the Alumni Chapters of Kingdom Knights (KKDAC-Middle East), Nueva Ecija (NEDAC), Bahrain (BDAC) together with Active DeMolays from Kapatiran Chapter traveled to the remote barangay of Papaya in San Antonio on August 30, to sponsor a children’s party, interact with the orphans and donate goods necessary for the daily operation of the orphanage as well as the in-house school.

Family members joined the activity as well as the KKDAC student scholars and their teachers from the local public school. The administrator of the orphanage, Sister Ella Ann Bernardo expressed her gratitude to the group and briefed them on the orphanage’s current activities and facilities as well as future opportunities to support the children. Initiated by then KKDAC President Francis Binuya, the brethren from other chapters represented by NEDAC President Fiel Jefferson Figueroa and Kapatiran Chapter Master Councilor Roel Cajucom Sioson and BDAC President Reynaldo Penus provided logistical and financial support.

The charity event achieved multiple goals as it not only benefited the orphanage but has also (1) reemphasized the value of charity among the DAC members (2) impressed upon the youth (active DeMolays and the local students) a better appreciation of their blessings (3) promoted and enhanced the image of the Order within the community (4) boosted the camaraderie among the brethren (5) facilitated cooperation across the Global community of Demolays.

Credits to Bro. Sherwin Mallare