T. De Leon Chapter No. 47’s Brigada Eskwela Program


Our brothers in T. De Leon Chapter No. 47 were contacted by the teachers of Ilagan South Central School and Isabela National High School of the City of Ilagan, Isabela to request assistance for the “Brigada Eskwela” program involving the cleansing of the school campuses with the intention of making the environment suitable for learners who will soon be attending face to face classes.

Staying true to the 12th Code of Ethics, the T. De Leon Chapter didn’t hesitate to offer their assistance freely and wholeheartedly. On dates August 3 and 5, the T. De Leon Chapter No. 47, with the help of the Rainbow Girls of Pinacanauan Assembly No. 26, worked together with the teachers and faculty members of Ilagan South Central and Isabela National High School in conducting a small cleaning operation on the school grounds as well as providing extra assistance to the faculty staff.

The “Brigada Eskwela” program turned out to be unsurprisingly, a successful operation, as well as an opportunity for our brothers to learn the importance of the public schools in the character development of every person in the world. The brothers of T. De Leon Chapter No. 47 and the sisters of Pinacanauan Assembly No. 26 bonded together whilst working together during the said program, proving that any task can be accomplished with the use of teamwork and with the help of harmony. Taking into account the situation of the Philippines (and the rest of the world) these past few years, it is proven that despite the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the slim chance of going back to normal given the impact of the corona virus, we have proven yet again that there will always be a glimmer of hope for society. All it takes is a helping hand.

The Masonic Youth and other organizations as well have proven to be vital in the process and success of returning society to its normal state. The “Brigada Eskwela” program is merely one of the many programs our brothers, sisters, moms, and dads intend to conduct, participate, and provide assistance in.

We are highly grateful for the success of this activity, and it would not have been possible without the help and support of Ma’am Nida D. Aranda, Principal III of Ilagan South Central School and Sir Silvino B. Cabangan, Principal IV and Ma’am Elvira A. Delos Reyes, Assistant Principal III of Isabela High National High School. For God, For Country, For DeMolay!

Credits to Bro. Benito Emilio I. Sales IV