Dad Frank S. Land said when the Order of Demolay was growing: “if it was good for one boy, then it must be good for all eligible boys.”… And it was then that DeMolay was permitted to grow and develop. And 100 years later, it has truly grown.

Let us continue to inspire more young men to become DeMolays. We have always thought that quality is more important than quantity, and indeed it is true. But for the Order to achieve its real purpose of developing young men into becoming better sons, better leaders, better citizens and better men, Let us then make the QUANTITY INTO QUALITY! And then, we can say the Order of DeMolay has truly served its purpose!

CONGRATULATIONS to all DeMolay chapters from across the country who have vowed to continue to make the order of DeMolay strong. For Dad Land, his idea that he had in mind was not to limit the membership and so he reminded everyone “to become big, they must be big.”

Credits to Bro. Raymond Santiaguel Janolino Salazar