1st Visayas Leadership Conference


Triumphant DeMolay Visayas: Leading the way and making a difference towards a brighter future.

With great power comes great responsibility. A leader without a purpose is like a tower with weak foundation, useless. Being a leader means being able to lead a group of people towards a goal they want to attain. Anyone can be their own leader but few are considered to be good at being one. Knowing what it takes to become a good leader is quite hard for no one is perfect and each one of us have flaws . That, however, does not matter because even when you think that you are almost perfect when no one wants to work with you, you will not be considered a good leader at all. Leadership is not just about yourself leading others but its about the willingness of your members to cooperate with you. Teamwork is the key in every achievement of the order. Through teamwork, individuals can learn how to communicate effectively within an assemblage for the purpose of obtaining a common goal. Each member contributes a great deal of knowledge and diverse ideas to the order. It is not all the time that only the opinions and decisions of the leader matter, it is also of great help to gather ideas and suggestions from the members of the group. It is a process of a leader teaching his members and learning something from them at the same time. In such way, there will be harmony in the group and the work can easily be done. “DeMolay is to serve and not to be served”

For God, For Country, For DeMolay! One Visayas, One DeMolay!

Credits to DeMolay Bacolod FB Page