Dateline: Mnl/08December2019/tgc/2100H

The SCOD’s Grand Representative to the ISC, Bro. Jose Avelino “Joey” I. Magbanua and Bro. Ricarte “Butch” B. Abejuela III, the Philippine Consul in New York attends the “DeMolay Festive Board” at the ‘Big Apple’.

Albeit a bit formal, the so-called “Festive Board” is the equivalent of a fellowship that DeMolays and Freemasons, particularly here in the Philippines, have after each stated meeting.

Seen in the photograph below with other FSLCF brethren are Br. Magbanua and Br. Abejuela flanking the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York, MW William “Bill” M. Sardone.

The occasion was the Chevalier Investiture of NY DeMolays hosted by the Knickerbocker Chapter and the Jacques de Molay Lodge UD yesterday (December 7) in New York which is also known as “the City that never sleeps.”

Credits to Bro. Tito Cruz, Chevalier