Solid Cavite DeMolays: Shining on the Global Stage in Ritual Competition


A three-day Conclave was held at Lloydminster Border Inn & Suites, Alberta, Canada Last October 27 to 29, 2023. The event was called the Alberta DeMolay Association Convention and was attended by Brothers and Dads from the different chapters in Alberta, Canada. The first day of the event held the voting for Parliament Master Councilor. The second day is where the film showing of the movie, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, voting for provincial positions and the ritual competition. On the last day another meeting and the much awaited awarding ceremony was held.

With pride and honor, Bro. Ruel Mirano, from Emmanuel Baja Chapter, was awarded as Gold Honors for the 7th Preceptor category in the Ritual Competition. Garnering a total points of 998.5 . Bro. Mirano performed the ritual of patriotism — a piece that expresses love for the one’s country. The piece highlights the duties and responsibilities of manhood to protect the country and honor those who have fallen protecting their homeland.

Another milestone was also set forth by Bro. Joseph Lacson of General Mariano C. Trias Chapter, awarded also as Gold Honors for the 4th Preceptor category in the Ritual Competition. Bro. Lacson gathered a total points of 993 making this achievement to prove the proficiency of Filipino DeMolays. The 4th Preceptor in which Bro. Lacson performed highlights the importance of friendship in one’s lives. The piece encourages men to be well-mannered and be a true brother.

Truly this is a milestone event for all the Filipino DeMolay out there. With the victory of Bro. Mirano and Bro. Lacson, it may not be long enough, that another worthy brother will soon emerge and add up in the hall of fame. For now, the achievement of these two proved that even Filipinos can compete and win on the global stage.

Written by Bro. Lawrence Agres