10th Officers’ Installation Recap


On a delightful afternoon, starting at 2 PM on December 9, 2023, the Filipino DeMolay Singapore Alumni Chapter #46 came together at the Bayanihan Centre, 43 Pasir Panjang Rd., Singapore 118503, to witness the 10th Installation of Officers. This event was a celebration of camaraderie, leadership transitions, and the rich traditions that define our chapter.

Opening the Afternoon: Welcoming Words by Bro. Jeffrey J. German

The event kicked off with the warm and welcoming words of Bro. Jeffrey J. German. His opening remarks set the tone for an afternoon filled with brotherhood, respect, and shared purpose.

The Heart of the Ceremony: Installing Service and Distinguished Dignitaries

At the core of the event was the Installing Service, a symbolic transition of leadership led by distinguished Installing Dignitaries:

Installing Officer – Bro. Christopher M. Regudo: Guiding the proceedings with precision and dedication.

Installing Marshal – Bro. John Louie E. Marfil: Adding a touch of grace to the ceremony’s procession.

Installing Chaplain – Bro. Asher Gene S. De Guzman: Providing spiritual guidance, grounding the ceremony in the principles of brotherhood.

Officers for the Year 2023 – 2024:

President: Bro. Dennis G. Rotas
Vice President: Bro. Jeffrey J. German
Secretary: Bro. Andronico I. Auxtero Baga, PMC, PP
Asst. Secretary: Bro. Kevin Jay M. Abagat
Treasurer: Bro. Jefferson M. Sagun
Auditor: Bro. Emmanuel A. Vicencio Jr.
Chaplain: Bro. Christian L. Lava
PRO: Bro. Ernesto N. Sasil Jr., PMC, KT, PP
Chapter Advisors:
Bro. Christopher M. Regudo, FSLCF, SCOD Rep.
Bro. Percival P. Encarnacion, PP
Bro. Apollo Cogal, UGLE
Bro. Emmanuel R. Callelero, PP
Leg. John Louie E. Marfil, Chev, LOH, PP
Bro. Asher Gene S. De Guzman, PP
Bro. Keith Poliran, PMC, Chev, PP
Dad Almond Lobaton, GLP
Dad Luis Lopez, GLP
Dad Brian B. Noveno, UGLE

Reflecting on Leadership: Valedictory and Inaugural Speeches

Bro. Andronico I. Auxtero Baga, the outgoing President, shared heartfelt reflections during his Valedictory Address, expressing gratitude for the collective efforts during his term. This was followed by Bro. Dennis G. Rotas’ Inaugural Speech, where he outlined his inspiring vision for the chapter’s future.

An Interlude of Wisdom: Inspirational Speech by Dad. Luis Lopez

Dad Luis Lopez graced the afternoon with an inspirational speech, offering profound wisdom that resonated with all present. His words reflected the enduring principles of DeMolay and the importance of collective growth.

Global Perspectives: Insights from Dad Yip Wing Kong

Adding a global perspective to the afternoon, Dad Yip Wing Kong from Lodge St. Andrew No. 1437, Scottish Constitution, shared his thoughts on DeMolay and its impact on the youth worldwide. His speech provided a broader context for the significance of the organization.

Guest Speaker Message: Wisdom Shared by Dad Almond Lobaton

The esteemed Guest Speaker, Dad Almond Lobaton, President of TMC and PAK-SG, delivered a compelling message, weaving together Masonic wisdom and insights on brotherhood and service.

Closing Remarks: Bro. Asher Gene De Guzman

Bro. Asher Gene De Guzman brought the afternoon to a close with heartfelt closing remarks, expressing gratitude and underscoring the significance of the event.

Fellowship Beyond Formalities: BBQ Pit Celebration at 25 Sin Ming Road

The camaraderie extended beyond the formalities, with a delightful gathering at the 25 Sin Ming Road BBQ Pit Area. Attendees enjoyed delicious food and refreshing drinks, fostering continued fellowship.

The 10th Installation of Officers by Filipino DeMolay Singapore Alumni Chapter #46 was a memorable afternoon, celebrating leadership, wisdom, and the enduring spirit of brotherhood that defines the chapter’s journey.

Written by Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, FDSAC #46 PP