Dateline: Mnl/04December2019/tgc/1400H

The Emmanuel Baja Chapter and Emmanuel Baja Alumni Chapter No. 17 based in Cavite today (December 04) visited SCOD GM Adriano B. Durano III at the Philippine DeMolay Youth Center (PDYC).

They were led by Brother Joel Lamangan, the President of the Alumni Chapter and Brother Master Councilor Justin Barlaan.

KFC was on the table for lunch…for the Bajas. The rest came late for lunch or after. So…KAPUT.

Also today, Brother Ahmad Galwash Waja who is known better as Gal Waja of the James J. Wilson Chapter and Brother Abdelnazr Usani of the University Chapter came to visit to PDYC. It was Brother Usani’ first glimpse of the edifice.

Moreover and not to be outgunned, Brother IPGM Edison Abella, who had enough free time, surprisingly came over for a visit. So did Brother Felipe Toti Del Rosario with his usual smile.

“Diba dami ko bisita today,” quips Ms. Cristina “Ting” M. Sordan, the SCOD Executive Director.

During the visits, Brother JGC Albert Manlulu and Brother JDGM Eric Atanacio were also present.

Credits to Bro. Tito Cruz, Chevalier