All DeMolay band, Molay, is set to launch their first ever music video, “Saan”, this coming September 28, 2019, 7pm at the legendary 70’s Bistro, Anonas, Quezon City along with Typecast, Madeline, Awi Columna, Firefalldown, Not Informed, Hey Moonshine, and GRT – Gin Rum and Truth under Project 4 Productions.

The said music video is produced by Kilusang Sining and directed by Kris Ulrich Cazin in which he discussed in an interview that,

“The story is about good and bad romance where a man cheats on his girlfriend with a GRO, He storms off after a night of fighting. The GRO has an affair with a married woman who gets dropped off before her shift at work. The woman’s husband has an affair and flirts with his office and he comes home to a happy household. Lastly, the daughter of the married couple has a pregnancy scare with her high school sweetheart.”

He added,

“We cannot pinpoint the exact place where the lover exists, to who it belongs, and to who has a claim on it. We travel between the gray areas to see that they are all looking for what makes them happy, to the place that none of them can seem to find. All these lost souls search, make mistakes, and face the repercussions of their being lost in their search.”

Tickets are available at
First one hundred buyers (100) will get a free limited edition Molay “Saan” guitar pick.

Credits to Bro. Jason Grospe