Amidst the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus, educational institutions around the Philippines started to open their schools to students for the new school year. With ill equipped and ill prepared administrators, teachers, and students, it was inevitable that everyone involved had a hard time coping with the new normal in the country’s school system. Marginalized students, most specially, grapple with the problem of not having enough, or the needed, school materials to go to school with.

With this real scenario as a premise, the Mt. Matutum Chapter Order of DeMolay in General Santos City, led by its Master Councilor Bro Reygine Tyler Tan, decided to mount and host a mobile tournament for a cause this coming October 17, 2020 at 7 o’clock in the evening. The mobile tournament dubbed as “Masonic Youth Call of Duty Solo Battle Royale” is open, exclusively, to all members of the Masonic Youth Family.

“All the proceeds of this tournament will be for the benefit of the students of Changco Elementary School. We hope to be able to use the money that we raise through this tournament, to pay for whatever the students would need, to be able to study and go to school. Changco Elementary School is the adopted school of our senior counterparts in the Mt. Matutum DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 6” according to the Master Councilor Bro Reygine Tan. “We saw the problems of the students and, in our own small way, we wanted to help and support our seniors in MMDAC No. 6 help the school children with their needs. That is why we organized this mobile tournament” added Bro Tan.

Masonic Youth Call of Duty Solo Battle Royale is sponsored by the National Master Councilor Bro Datu Pax Mangudadato, Chev., and Jurisdictional Master Councilor for Mindanao Bro Vincent Figueroa.

“This tournament will be a same day event and will consist of 3 games. Only 100 slots will be available for players” explained Bro Tan. Registration fee is pegged at P50 pesos for each competitor. Prizes for the winners are as follows; P4,000 pesos for the Champion, P2,000 pesos for the 1st runner up and P1,000 for the 3rd prize. Consolation prizes are up for grabs for those that finish 4th place to 13th place.

Aside from Master Councilor Bro Reygine Tyler Tan, the other organizers of this tournament are the following; Bro Senior Councilor Alexis Jude Dela Cruz, Chev., Bro Junior Councilor John Wrallmar Vercide, Bro Matthew Yee Sasil, Bro Al Patrick Cancel, Bro Elijah Marius Oco, and Bro John Vincent Gepullano, PMC, who consulted for the group.

Credits to Bro. Alvin Llanderal, Chev., LOH