Grand Orient of Italy Welcomes DeMolay Alumni Chapters in a Spectacular Gathering


On the 14th of April 2023, a momentous event took place at Palacongressi, Rimini in Italy as the Annual Communication of Grand Orient of Italy opened its doors to a diverse gathering of Masonic family-affiliated organizations. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of the International Order of DeMolay – Jurisdiction of Italy Region 10, Shriners, and other affiliated organizations, marking a truly international affair.

The event garnered attention and participation from legions of delegations and dignitaries, including both active and senior members of DeMolay from various regions. Notably, DeMolay members from Bulgaria, Albania, France, and Romania joined the event, highlighting the international scope of the gathering. The occasion provided an opportunity for the DeMolay community to connect, share experiences, and celebrate their shared values and principles.

The second day of the event, Saturday the 15th of April 2023, witnessed the DeMolay Italy 21st National Congress and a special meeting. Under the guidance of Dad Luciano Critelli, Executive Officer of DeMolay Italy, a series of activities and programs were carried out to enrich the experience of the attendees.

The day commenced with the conferral of degrees upon new active Chapter members, recognizing their commitment and dedication to the organization. Additionally, trophies and medals were awarded to the best-performing and achieving local chapters in Italy, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to the DeMolay community.

A particularly special moment occurred when Bro. Jansen Uy of the Far East Chapter, a member of the Crusaders DeMolay Alumni Chapter No.1, was invested with the Degree of Chevalier. This distinction symbolized his exemplary character and commitment to the principles of DeMolay.

Moreover, the investiture of the Official Collar Jewel of the Crusaders DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 1 Italy ISC took place, with the prestigious award presented by Dad William Bill Sardone, PGM Grand Lodge of New York, and PGM DeMolay International. Dad Luciano Critelli, Executive Officer of DeMolay Italy, provided valuable assistance during the ceremony, underscoring the collaborative spirit that unites the Masonic community.

As a gesture of honor and appreciation, honorary Collar Jewels were bestowed upon several esteemed dignitaries in the East. Notable recipients included Dad Nikolay Bozhilov, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria; Dad Richard Kessler, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York; Dad Piro Dode, PGM Grand Lodge of Albania; Dad Richard Schulz, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of New York; and Dad Sergio Cortese, Grand Orient of Italy Representative to the Grand Lodge of the Philippines-Palanyag Lodge No.323. Their dedication and contributions were recognized, further strengthening the fraternal bonds between different Masonic jurisdictions.

The day concluded with the Installation of the Incoming President of the Crusaders DeMolay Alumni No. 1, Bro. Chevalier Albert Michael Gavina of Narra Chapter No. 42. This momentous occasion was officiated by Bro. Chevalier Kim Villacampa of Mt Apo Chapter No. 50, with Bro. Legionaire Chevalier North Italy DeMolay Advisor Coordinator Randie Lazarte of Mt Samat Chapter No. 32 serving as the Installing Marshal. The transition of leadership showcased the continued growth and evolution of the DeMolay organization.

The successful execution of this grand DeMolay event would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of key individuals, including Dad Carlo Naitza, Deputy Class 3 DeMolay Italy; Dad Eugenio Lancinella, Active member Class 1 DeMolay International; and Bro. Leg. Giordano Bruno, Chev. LOH Grand Commander Court Of Chevalier-Italy. Their dedication and hard work contributed to the seamless coordination and success of the gathering.

In conclusion, the Crusaders DeMolay Alumni No. 1 received a humbling recognition as one of the most notable and successful alumni chapters within the DeMolay International alumni association program. Dad Alan Kelvin, Executive Director of DeMolay International, commended their achievements and acknowledged their significant contributions to the organization. The event served as a testament to the enduring legacy and vibrant spirit of DeMolay, uniting members from different regions and celebrating their shared values of brotherhood, leadership, and service to the community.

Credits to Bro. Albert Michael Gavina of Narra Chapter
Edited by Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, PP FDSAC#46