GM Edward Y. Chua Visits Bacolod City


The Grand Master of the Supreme Council Order of DeMolay Philippines’ Hon. Edward Y. Chua, Chev LOH GMCK travelled to Bacolod City on October 22, 2022 for an official visit to Serafin V. Aguilar Chapter No. 10, Order of DeMolay. His visit occurred simultaneously with the celebration of the 43rd Masskara Festival with this year’s theme “Balik Yuhum” which is the Hiligaynon term for “smile again.”

As Bacolod is dubbed as the City of Smiles, the officers and members of the Serafin V. Aguilar Chapter, Order of DeMolay in Bacolod City smiled again as they give the warmest hospitality to the Grand Master of the Supreme Council Order of DeMolay, Hon. Edward Y. Chua, Chev, LOH, GMCK.

Animated Masskara dancers and drumbeaters greeted the Grand Master and Jobs Daughter/ Rainbow Sister Edelyn Edwardine Chua, on thier arrival at the Bacolod-Silay Airport. They were welcomed by the delegation of SVAC headed by the Chapter Advisor, Dad Nicholas Y. Boco, JDCF, and Dad John Chinette L. Ledesma, Advisory Council Member, accompanied by the Regional Officers, Dad Jubert LV. Carbajosa, Chev, LOH, FSLCF – Executive officer R-6B (Negros Island), and Dad Ed Steven E. Amazona, Chev – Deputy Ex-O for Bacolod City. With them, are Active DeMolays, Bro. Mark Luis Santiago Sedonio, Bro. Jujin Clint Wilzenli Ferrer, Bro. Joereinz Yson and Bro. Julian III Benaso.

Grand Master, Hon. Edward Y. Chua was officially received in the SVAC Chapter Room at the Bacolod Masonic Temple by Bro. Master Councilor Joshua Ivan Benaso and the rest of the officers and members. An insightful discussion was held immediately after at the Planta Hotel where a sumptuous lunch was also served.

The Grand Master shared a glimpse of the DeMolay Leadership Academy, he then expressed hope that with this development, the DeMolays will carry on with its undertakings for the benefit of the community. He also mentioned his plans of instituting Knighthood Priories in his term. To culminate his visit, GM Edward Y. Chua thanked and acknowledged the efforts of the Active DeMolays of the chapter as well as the individuals who tirelessly and selflessly labored in maintaining the status of Serafin V. Aguilar Chapter in good standing and ensuring that the seven candles keeps on burning.

The following deserving DeMolays were bestowed with the Grand Master’s Recognition Award:

  • Dad Jubert LV. Carbajosa, Chev, LOH, FSLCF – Executive Officer
  • Dad Ed Steven E. Amazona, Chev – Deputy Ex-O
  • Dad Nicholas Y. Boco, JDCF – Chapter Advisor
  • Dad Gil Joseph F. Octaviano III, HLOH – Chairman Advisory Council
  • Dad Franklin Delano C. Tumaneng, Chev, LOH, FSLCF – Advisory Council Member
  • Dad John Chinette L. Ledesma – Advisory Council Member
  • Dad Rene V. Aurelio, LOH – Advisory Council Member
  • Dad Vicente O. Presbitero, Chev, LOH – Advisory Council Member
  • Dad Angel Edwin M. Montinola Chev, LOH – Worshipful Master of Kanlaon Lodge No. 64, Sponsoring Lodge
  • Bro. Paul Eriman J. Taguan, Chev, JDCF – Associate Advisor
  • Bro. Ronnrick Oberio, Chev – Associate Advisor
  • Bro. Patrick Edward Jonelas, Chev – Associate Advisor
  • Bro. Philip Andrew P. Andico, Chev
  • Bro. Jaypee Y. Badayos, Chev
  • Bro. Joereinz Yson – RMC Visayas
  • Bro. Joshua Ivan Benaso – MC
  • Bro. Jujin Clint Wilzenli Ferrer – SC
  • Bro. Julian III N. Benaso – JC
  • Bro. Christian Jules Andico
  • Bro. John Clyde Taguan
  • Bro. Kyle Balbin
  • Bro. Mark Luis Santiago Sedonio

The successfully holding of this activity signifies that Serafin V. Aguilar Chapter No. 10, Bacolod City is always ready to open its doors to visiting members of the Masonic family.

Credits to Bro. Ed Steven E. Amazona, PMC, Chev.