ESCUDO DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR


In the mid 70’s, a group of DeMolays studying in Metro Manila with its Chapter Advisor organized a Manila-based extension arm of the Serafin V. Aguilar Chapter. The purpose of the organization was to continue in Manila, the camaraderie and fellowship established in their Mother Chapter. The group was named “Escudo Group“.

Escudo which means “shield”, is an extension of a Knights Templar’s armament. It is recalled that Knights Templar were the elite group of warriors during the time of the Crusader. It was here that the Order of DeMolay was named after the last Grand Master of Sovereign Order of the Knights Templar, Jacques DeMolay.

Thus, relevant to its mission, the group adopted the word Escudo, signifying that the group would be an extension arm of the S.V. Aguilar Chapter, and it vowed to protect or shield the
Interest of the Order and its members.

Ten years later, in March 13, 1985, on the occasion of the Charter Day of the National Supreme Council of DeMolay, a group of Senior DeMolays from Region VI based in Metro Manila were reunited. Moved and inspired by the historic event, the group agreed to rejoin together and form the “ESCUDO CLUB“.

During the Annual Meeting of the Club held in Makati Skyline in October 29, 1991, two major resolutions were approved by the members:

1. To open the club membership to all Senior DeMolays who are willing to be active members of the Club.
2. To seek affiliation with the DeMolay Alumni Association of the Philippines (DAAP).

It is within the historic perspective that the ESCUDO DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 4, NCR was born and instituted on December 14, 1991.