Devotional Day


On or near March 18th, the Order of DeMolay recognizes an important day called “Devotional Day” to honor the importance of God in our lives. Although DeMolay is a non-religious organization, it encourages its members to attend places of worship and show respect for sacred things. The second DeMolay Precept, Reverence for Sacred Things, emphasizes the importance of tolerance and appreciation for other people’s religious beliefs, as well as one’s own.

One way that DeMolay chapters can observe Devotional Day is by attending a church, synagogue, or temple together as a group. Alternatively, they can hold a bible study or honor a pastor, deacon, or clergyman with gratitude. The purpose of these activities is to strengthen the spiritual bond among the members and promote a greater sense of understanding and respect for different religious beliefs.

In line with this, the brethren of Dasmariñas Chapter No. 92 and the Sir Knights of Cavite Centennial Priory No. 7 attended a mass and offered their prayers at the Mary Immaculate Parish in Dasmariñas, Cavite, as part of their observance of Devotional Day. This is a beautiful example of how the Order of DeMolay encourages its members to come together and honor their faith.

Devotional Day is just one of the seven obligatory days of the Order of DeMolay. These days are designed to remind members of their duties and responsibilities to themselves, their families, their communities, and their country. By observing Devotional Day and the other obligatory days, DeMolays are taught to live a well-rounded life that encompasses spiritual, moral, and civic values.

In conclusion, Devotional Day is a significant day for the Order of DeMolay as it highlights the importance of God in our lives and encourages us to show respect for sacred things. By attending places of worship together and holding bible studies, DeMolay members can deepen their spiritual connection and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for different religious beliefs. The brethren of Dasmariñas Chapter No. 92 and the Sir Knights of Cavite Centennial Priory No. 7 set an excellent example by attending a mass and offering their prayers, and we can all learn from their commitment to their faith.

Credits to Dasmariñas Chapter Order Of DeMolay No. 92
Rephrased By Leg. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, FDSAC#46 PP