DeMolay Chapter As Model for Grand Master Centennial Knights


The Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay approved and adopted the model or scheme that was initiated and developed by Gen. Douglas MacArthur Chapter, wherein the said chapter was able to raise P200,000.00 to sign up and become a member of the Grand Master Centennial Knights under the DeMolay Centennial Crusades.

The Senior DeMolays of Gen. Douglas MacArthur Chapter organized and implemented a special project, called: “GDMC 100”, wherein 100 Senior and Active DeMolays of the chapter pledged and donated P2,000.00 each in order to raise P200,000.00. Those Brethren, who gave their pledges and donations, were included in the specially designed plaque placed at the Chapter Room, naming all of the 100 Senior DeMolays who were part of the “GDMC 100”.

In a simple ceremony, DeMolay Legionnaire Eric Atanacio, a member of the Advisory Council of Gen. Douglas MacArthur Chapter, and Brother Chevalier Ike Amor, Immediate Past President of Gen. Douglas MacArthur Chapter No. 5, formally presented to Grand Master Edison Abella of SCOD the replica cheque addressed to the Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay amounting to P200,000.00 as the DeMolay Chapter’s donation and membership to the Grand Master Centennial Knights which was held on June 23, 2018 at the Scottish Rite Temple in Manila.

Grand Master Abella is encouraging the other DeMolay Chapters, in close collaboration with their respective Advisory Councils and DeMolay Alumni Chapters, to also apply the stated model or scheme, thus, participate in the 100th Year Founding Anniversary Celebration of the Order of DeMolay in March 2019 and become a partner in supporting and sustaining the growth and expansion of the Order of DeMolay in the Philippines in the next 100 years.

The Grand Master’s Centennial Knights is a once-in-a-lifetime membership category offered for a limited period to a select group of individuals, organizations and corporations, who champion the worthy cause of character building and leadership development among the youth and are willing to make a considerable investment to their future. The other membership categories for individuals are the Frank S. Land Centennial Fellows for Master Masons, Jacques DeMolay Centennial Fellows for Senior DeMolays, and Louis Gordon Lower Centennial Fellows for Active DeMolays.