A Journey of Brotherhood and Growth


Inaugural Jurisdictional Conclave Experience

The Don Severino M. Delas Alas Centennial Chapter No. 107 was honored to attend its first-ever Jurisdictional Conclave, an event that left a lasting impression on all attendees. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the members of Baguio Chapter No. 9, our Brother DeMolays, and Dads Masons for their outstanding efforts in creating an unforgettable gathering. The spirit of DeMolay was felt from the moment we arrived until the closing feast, enveloping us in a sense of brotherhood and unity.

Day 1: Exploration and Ceremony

Our journey began on a crisp Friday morning in Baguio City, where the chilly weather caught some of us by surprise. Undeterred, we arrived early and took the opportunity to explore the picturesque Burnham Park. The park’s serene lake, vibrant greenery, and melodious birdsong created an idyllic setting, while the pedal cars brought out the joy in each of us.

After our visit to the park, we checked into our transient hotel and then proceeded to the Newtown Plaza hotel for registration. The event souvenirs, including string bags, t-shirts, and drink coasters, were a delightful addition to our experience. Following a satisfying lunch at Shakey’s Pizza House, we embarked on a visit to the historic Diplomat Hotel, where we captured memories before returning to prepare for the evening’s event.

The election and installation of the New Jurisdictional Master Councilor was a highlight of the day. We offer our congratulations to Brother SK. Franz Derek T. Escobar on his appointment for the Masonic Year 2023-2024 and express our gratitude to Brother SK. Pipoy M. Tolentino for his service. The installation of the new Regional Master Councilors, including Brother SK. Ram Danugo for Cavite, was another significant moment. We wish all the newly installed leaders a successful term and thank those who have served.

Day 2: Competition and Inspiration

The second day dawned with excitement as we headed to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) for the Conclave Olympics. The majestic setting of the PMA and the scenic beauty of Baguio City provided the perfect backdrop for the day’s events.

Our Chapter performed exceptionally well in the indoor obstacle course, clinching third place in a field of many competitors. The Olympics concluded with a boodle fight and words from Mayor Benjamin Magalong, leaving us both satisfied and inspired.

Brothers Lj Arroyo and Azen Padie represented us with pride in the DeMolay Ritual Competition, and we commend them for their dedication and enthusiasm.

The Grandmasters Night was a culmination of inspiring speeches that focused on the future of our Order and personal development. As the conclave drew to a close with a feast and final honors, we bid farewell to our fellow brethren, reflecting on the shared experiences and looking forward to the future with anticipation and excitement.

The Jurisdictional Conclave was more than just an event; it was a journey of brotherhood, growth, and celebration. We at Don Severino M. Delas Alas Centennial Chapter No. 107 are grateful for the memories created and the lessons learned. We look forward to future gatherings where we can continue to build on the spirit of DeMolay and the bonds of friendship and brotherhood.

Credits to: Bro. Vinz Samuelle H. Tenorio
Edited by Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, FDSAC #46 PP