Installation of Elected Congress Officers during the 15th National Conclave, Congress and Olympics held in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

To all who attended the 15th National DeMolay Conclave, Congress and Olympics in Cagayan de Oro, thank you for supporting the DeMolay movement and the Wadih C. Saab Chapter.

Congratulations to the Wadih C. Saab Chapter for a very successful National Conclave and to the Immediate Past National Congress for a wonderful and successful performance of ceremonies.

Congratulations to the newly invested Knights of the 66th crusade (Juan K. Causing Priory, Order of Knighthood) and to the officers for the DeMolay National Congress led by our very own Bro. Datu Pax Ali.

To DeMolay brothers of the Congress, lead the brethren with a gentle heart. Brothers of the Congress, JMCs, National Congress Treasurer, National Congress Secretary and especially the 3 lights: National Master Councilor, Datu Pax Ali, National Senior Councilor Nata Shaquil Pangarungan Manabilang and National Junior Councilor Vince Pintac, walk straight and be true to yourselves, radiate a great brilliance and let it shine upon another, may you become the brethren’s shining sun, for God, for Country and for DeMolay!

Photos by: Bro. Philamer Celi, PMC – Pangasinan / A. Mabini Chapter

Posted in Facebook by: Bro. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru