Triumphant Moments


The 95th Public Installation of Elected and Appointed Officers for Term-A 2024 was successfully conducted by the Tomas L. Cabili Chapter on December 10, 2023, at the Ubaldo D. Laya Masonic Center in Pala-o Extension, Iligan City, Philippines. Led by the Installing Officer, outgoing Master Councilor Bro. Fer Angelo G. Caorong, the conferral team delivered an outstanding performance. This significant event coincided with the conclusion of Bro. Caorong’s term, marked by his valedictory speech expressing gratitude to all brethren, moms, and dads for their support in Masonic-family collaborations, chapter activities, and socio-civic engagements.

In his inaugural speech, newly elected Master Councilor Bro. Direk Gabriell D. Silva acknowledged the influence of past master councilors in his achievements. He committed to continuing the legacy of previous leaders and emphasized his term’s focus on the social development of brethren through socio-civic activities and Masonic-related events, particularly considering the active participation of brethren aged 12–15.

The Guest of Honor and Speaker, Past National Master Councilor Bro. Bryan Paul L. Javier, PMC, KT, EBON, CHEV, delivered an inspiring message highlighting DeMolay International as a platform for excellence, connections with Masonic-affiliated bodies, and the initiation of short- and long-term projects. He stressed personal and leadership development.

Bro. Javier also shared the significance of being a DeMolay in professional life, recounting his experiences interacting with brethren, moms, and dads across the country to contribute solutions and facilitate new business developments.

The public ceremonies were concluded by Dad Dionesio A. Paran, the Executive Officer of Region-XII, who reminded every brother of their chapter obligations and expressed hope for the success of the officers in Term-A 2024.

Written by Bro. Gil Mikhael S. Cagalawan, PMC-MSA, BHK, FMA, CHEV
Edited by Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, FDSAC #46 PP