Severino Boys at the 9th Luzon Jurisdictional Conclave


Our Chapter’s 1st-ever Jurisdictional Conclave left us in awe as we witnessed an array of captivating activities and ceremonies throughout the event. We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated Brother DeMolays and Masonic Dads of Baguio Chapter No. 9 for organizing this unforgettable gathering. From the moment we arrived at the venue until the final feast at the dining hall, the spirit of DeMolay permeated every aspect of this exceptional event.

Let’s delve into our Chapter’s experiences on the first day:

As we stepped out of the van on that chilly Friday morning in Baguio City, some of us immediately regretted not bringing jackets for the trip. The weather was cold!

Arriving ahead of schedule, we took the chance to explore the beauty of Burnham Park. Its shimmering lake, well-manicured grass, melodious bird sounds, majestic trees, and the chilly morning breeze captivated us. Among the highlights were the pedal cars, which brought out the childlike joy in all of us.

After our time at Burnham Park, we settled into our transient hotel and then proceeded to the Newtown Plaza hotel for registration. At the venue, we were delighted to receive event freebies such as string bags, t-shirts, and drink coasters. After completing the registration, we treated ourselves to a well-deserved lunch at Shakey’s Pizza House. With satisfied stomachs and some free time before the next event, we visited the Diplomat Hotel. Despite its reputation for ghostly legends, we found it to be just an old building. After taking some pictures, we hurriedly returned to the transient hotel to don our Barong Tagalog for the first event of the Conclave—the election and installation of the New Jurisdictional Master Councilor.

Congratulations to Bro SK. Franz Derek T. Escobar for being elected as the Jurisdictional Master Councilor (JMC) for Luzon for the Masonic Year (2023-2024). We also extend our gratitude and congratulations to Bro SK. Pipoy M. Tolentino for his dedicated service as the JMC for the previous year (2022-2023). The installation of the new Regional Master Councilors (RMC) followed, with Bro SK. Ram Danugo being installed as the RMC of Cavite for the term (2023-2024). Once again, we express our thanks to Bro SK. Maverick Bill A. Flor for his commendable service as the previous RMC (2022-2023). To the newly installed JMC and RMCs, we wish you a fruitful and successful term. To the Immediate Past JMC and the Immediate Past Regional Master Councilors of Luzon, congratulations and thank you for your outstanding service to our Order. After the elections, we took the opportunity to briefly tour Session Road, where numerous food stalls and souvenir shops tempted us to spend wisely.

On the second day, we left our transient hotel early in the morning and headed to the Newtown Plaza Hotel. From there, we boarded buses that transported us to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), the venue for the highly anticipated Conclave Olympics. As we arrived, we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the PMA and the pristine beauty of Baguio City. The setting was truly awe-inspiring.

During the Conclave Olympics, our Chapter managed to secure an impressive third place in the indoor obstacle course competition. Considering the large number of competing Chapters, this achievement was no small feat, and we take pride in our performance. The Olympics concluded with a boodle fight that filled our empty stomachs and a message from the Mayor of Baguio City, Hon. Benjamin Magalong.

The next event on the agenda was the DeMolay Ritual Competition, in which Bro. Lj Arroyo competed in the Flower Talk category, and Bro. Azen Padie participated in the Ceremony of Lights. We express our sincere appreciation to both participants for their dedication, practice, and willingness to represent our young chapter in these competitions. It was heartening to witness their enthusiasm.

On the evening of the second day, the Grandmasters Night took place. During this special occasion, the DeMolay National Congress and Grand Line Officers delivered inspiring messages about the future of our Order and shared valuable insights on how to become better individuals. As the night concluded with a feast and the final honors were bestowed, the 9th DeMolay Jurisdictional Conclave came to an end. We bid farewell to our fellow brethren from the other Chapters, reflecting on the experiences we shared and looking ahead to the future with anticipation and enthusiasm.


Written by Bro. Vinz Samuelle H. Tenorio
Edited by Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, FDSAC #46 PP