QUIRINO DeMolay Alumni Chapter UD, Quirino Province


Summer of 2017, a group of Senior DeMolay of Dad  Macario R. Ramos Sr. Memorial Chapter Order of DeMolay who still have the Seven Candles burning in their hearts and the desire to contribute to society even if the journey as an active years has been ended. This Demolay young adults thought of organizing a Senior DeMolay Club of Quirino.

“Quirino” is their home and it is where they became members of the Order. They decided to represent their province  thus naming the chapter Quirino DeMolay Alumni Chapter with the goal of helping and monitoring the Active Chapter and supporting their community in simple ways as a compliance with DeMolay Obligatory Days.

There purpose is to make a good example while giving back to the community in own little way and to help, teach and nurture the active DeMolays without too much intervention, continuous camaraderie, fellowship, embodying the lessons of chivalry and loyalty.