It was never planned…it just fell into place.

Right after the farewell dinner of the 2018 Conclave/DANCON at Hugo’s in Indahag, six Senior DeMolays, namely: Bro. Bong Licayan (Batch 4, 1978), Bro. Archie Malabanan (Batch 4, 1978), Bro. Louis W. Raypon (Batch 1, 1975), Bro. Bob Zaballero (Batch 4, 1978), Bro. Tito Cruz (Pioneer), and Bro. Douglas Pacana (Batch 4, 1978) decided to unwind at Zuri’s Crib along Domingo Velez St.

At Zuri’s, the six had a few bottles of beer…had fun and laughter while reminiscing their days as petitioners, and as active DeMolays of the Wadih C. Saab Chapter. Obviously, in their hearts and minds, DeMolay has never been extinguished. Thus on that same evening of May 05, 2018 (Saturday) they all agreed to reinvigorate the tie that brought them together as friends and brothers after many years passed. They are to be the founders of the “OLDER much WISER” or OmW, for short.

In furtherance of camaraderie, friendship, and brotherhood…it was later decided that the OmW has to reach out to other senior brethren and resuscitate or re-ignite DeMolay in them — to walk it, talk it, and live it.

Within days, the following brothers joined the group and became the pioneers. Namely:

1. Bro. Licerio Floirendo (Batch 5, 1979)
2. Bro. Nimrod Rojas (Pioneer)
3. Bro. Oliver Bustamante (Batch 3, 1978)
4. Bro. Omar Castaño (Batch 3, 1978)
5. Bro. Mike Padero (Pioneer)
6. Bro. Bobby Ampo (Pioneer)
7. Bro. Christopher Agbuya (Pioneer)
8. Bro. Nelson Wooton (Batch 9, 1981)
9. Bro. Boboy Waga (Batch 1, 1975)

Be it known that the OLDER much WISER or OmW is an informal gathering of Senior DeMolays and is not connected to the SCOD or to any of its organic tributaries.

More than anything else, it seeks to aspire to inspire all senior brethren to continue on fostering the special bond of brotherhood laid down to each one at an early age.

OmW almost always regularly meet informally at a pre-determined place for clean fun and leisure. The gathering or tapok is called as ‘HEAP.’

“Let us prove to all men that our ceremonies were not empty forms but we are dedicated to (the) purposes of (a) martyred hero whose name we have taken in our lips. For God, for Country, and for DeMolay!”

“Let your light so shine before men so that they may see your good works and glorify our Father in heaven.”

Credits to Bro. Tito Cruz, Chevalier