Many More Support the DeMolay Centennial Crusades


Many more Master Masons and Senior DeMolays coming from all over the country continue to pledge and commit their full support to the Order of DeMolay in the Philippines by signing up in the DeMolay Centennial Crusades during the past few weeks at the Philippine DeMolay Youth Center in Manila.

Grand Master Edison Abella of the Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay recently received the sign-up forms of the following Master Masons and Senior DeMolays: Executive Officer of Region II-A Floren L. Ambatali of Isabela Masonic Lodge No. 60, Brothers Luke Trono Jickain of Muog Masonic Lodge No. 89, Michael Edouard O. Jaldon of Nilad Masonic Lodge No. 12 and WB Eric Gatbonton of Island Luz Minerva Lodge No. 5 as Frank S. Land Centennial Fellows; and Senior DeMolay Edwin Paña Requiroso of Lapu-Lapu Chapter as a Jacques DeMolay Centennial Fellow.

GM Abella sincerely thanked the Brethren of their support and assured them that their donation will be for the perpetual use of the Order of DeMolay in the Philippines through the establishment of the first ever Philippine DeMolay Trust Fund that aims to support and sustain the programs, projects and activities of the DeMolay Movement in the Philippines in the coming decades.

Credits to Bro. Barry Poliquit, Chevalier