Like The Knights of Old


The primary objective behind the establishment of a Priory of the Order of Knighthood is to promote fellowship and provide assistance to the DeMolay Chapters. The Order of Knighthood was introduced in 1946 and received the green light for implementation by Dad Land in 1947.

In light of this, the Cavite Centennial Priory No. 7 of the Order of Knighthood was established to support and aid the DeMolay chapters in the Cavite region, which is one of the fastest-growing DeMolay areas in the Philippines and now home to the highest number of chapters in any DeMolay region. Region 4-A Cavite requires extra support to complement the efforts of the region’s Regional Master Councilor and the Executive Officer.

The Priory’s Sir Knights are leaders from each DeMolay Chapter in the Cavite Province, most of whom are Past Lights of their respective chapters and experienced leaders who can provide significant support to both old and new chapters, thereby fulfilling the Priory’s sole objective.

The year 2020 saw the arrival of the first Crusade at the doors of the Priory. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced operations to come to a halt. However, the Knights were resolute in their commitment to provide support and the Executive Officer of the region remained steadfast. As a result, an ingenious idea emerged that enabled the DeMolay Philippines to adapt and persevere through the challenging circumstances.

The DeMolays of Cavite, led by the soon-to-be Cavite Knights, developed a virtual system that allowed for the performance and exemplification of rituals, as well as the conferral and investment of degrees, thereby making incoming Knights accepted Knights of the Order of Knighthood. The Priory’s Sir Knights are proud to have been the primary, if not the major, contributors to this historic virtual setup.

The Sir Knights of the Priory have spearheaded various projects, both virtual and face-to-face, including ritual competitions, charity events, seminars, DeMolay Chapter assistance, and support for the Supreme Council. One of their most recent experimental projects is the “Regional Sentinels,” where members of the Cavite Centennial Priory No. 7, under the guidance of the Regional Master Councilor and the Illustrious Knight Commander, provide comprehensive knowledge of the ritual to enhance proficiency, offer additional assistance, and manpower during degree conferrals and officer installations. The project also aims to improve chapter performance in terms of membership drive, conduct of activities, and overall sustainability.

Challenges will always arise in the journey of members of The Chivalric Knights of the Holy Order of the Fellow Soldiers of Jacques DeMolay, but like the Knights of old, they will face them together, working together to overcome obstacles and move forward with the guiding light of their purpose.

Credits to Bro. Jessie Galicia III
Edited by Leg. John Louie Marfil, Chev, LOH, PP FDSAC #46