JoderaPH Is Back!


JoderaPH is back!

As our first project after all the storms the team went through for almost 2 years, we are currently raising funds for our front-liner brothers and sisters. This is just show-matches where we can all play together while generating funds. Donations can be done through bro Crypzu’s page by giving stars and through BDO Checking account and Gcash with the details below. The matches will also be streamed at bro Sj and Rwen’s page.

As early as now, we would like to thank our sikat brothers for helping us in this initiative.

Jay Villanueva ML Pro player
SJ Tupil Vlogger
Rajah Disenyo

This event’s made possible through the help of the members of Demolay, Job’s Daughters and Rainbow.

Ren Ancajas
Feefong Talong
Edmar Mendoza
Paulo Repoquit
Issa Maslog
Kristian Jay Chua Jurilla
Mizette Soriano

See you all this weekend, April 26, 3PM!