Grand Master Mendoza’s Arizona Meet


June 21, 2024 (PH Time) – Phoenix, Arizona was the setting for a historic gathering as Grand Master Raymund Joseph Ian “Raji” O. Mendoza of DeMolay Philippines took the opportunity to meet and introduce the DeMolay Philippines to esteemed leaders from various Masonic and DeMolay organizations during the Day 1 of DeMolay International Session. The event was marked by a series of significant encounters, each contributing to the strengthening of international bonds within the fraternity.

1st Encounter: Executive Officer of DeMolay Florida
Grand Master Raji’s first meeting was with the Executive Officer of DeMolay Florida, where discussions focused on exchanging ideas and strategies for youth development and leadership within the DeMolay community.

2nd Encounter: David A. Korb, Grand Monarch of Grotto International
The second meeting was with David A. Korb, Grand Monarch of Grotto International. This encounter highlighted the importance of fraternal bonds and the shared values that unite members of different Masonic bodies.

3rd Encounter: Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commanders
Grand Master Raji had the honor of meeting the Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Jim Cole 33° of the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite, and Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Walt Wheeler 33° of the Northern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite. These meetings underscored the deep connections between DeMolay and the Scottish Rite, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and education.

4th Encounter: DeMolay International and Grand Lodge of California Grand Marshal Stephen Yeffa
A meeting with Stephen Yeffa, a Senior DeMolay and Grand Marshal of DeMolay International and the Grand Lodge of California, provided an opportunity to discuss the role of DeMolay in shaping the future of Freemasonry.

5th Encounter: Ladies of the Philippine Delegation
The presence of the Ladies of the Philippine Delegation added a special touch to the event, showcasing the support and involvement of women in the Masonic and DeMolay communities.

6th Encounter: William K. Clark, PIMC and Hall of Famer
Grand Master Raji’s meeting with William K. Clark, Past International Master Councilor (PIMC) and a Hall of Famer, was a moment of reflection on the legacy of DeMolay and the impact of its leaders.

7th Encounter: Oscar Alfonso of Paraguay and Delegation
The encounter with Oscar Alfonso of Paraguay and his delegation was a testament to the global reach of DeMolay and the unity of its members across borders.

8th Encounter: MW Michael A. Dale, Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Arizona
A meeting with MW Michael A. Dale, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Arizona, highlighted the strong ties between Freemasonry and DeMolay in the United States.

9th Encounter: NMC of Canada and Son of Canada SGR Reynaldo Faraon as Delegate**
The presence of the National Master Councilor of Canada and the son of Canada’s Sovereign Grand Representative, Reynaldo Faraon, as a delegate, underscored the international collaboration within the DeMolay community.

10th Encounter: Dimitri Shiskin of Russia
Finally, Dimitri Shiskin of Russia presented Grand Master Raji with a token from DeMolay Russia, symbolizing the friendship and cooperation between the two nations’ DeMolay chapters.

These meetings were not just formalities but opportunities for Grand Master Raji to share the vision and achievements of DeMolay Philippines and to learn from the experiences of other leaders. The event was a resounding success, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among the global DeMolay and Masonic communities.

Credits to: DeMolay Philippines FB
Edited by: Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, Filipino DeMolay Singapore DAC #46, PP