DeMolay Philippines Collaboration Grows


June 21, 2024 (PH Time) – In a significant development for international DeMolay relations, Honorable Grand Master Raymund Joseph Ian “Raji” O. Mendoza of DeMolay Philippines and Executive Officer Luciano Critelli of DeMolay Italy signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) during the Region 10 DeMolay International meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. This landmark event marked a new chapter in the collaboration between the two jurisdictions, focusing on the development of a program for the Sweethearts within the Philippines’ jurisdiction.

The Sweetheart program, a unique initiative developed by Executive Officer Luciano Critelli, aims to enhance the involvement and support of young women within the DeMolay community. This innovative program is set to bring new opportunities and experiences for the Sweethearts in the Philippines, furthering the organization’s commitment to youth development and leadership.

Following the signing of the MOA, DeMolay Italy extended an invitation to Grand Master Mendoza and the members of DeMolay Philippines to visit Italy and participate in their upcoming jurisdictional events. This invitation underscores the growing international ties and the shared commitment to fostering global unity within the DeMolay community.

In another exciting development, DeMolay Russia has announced its intention to make an official visit to the Philippines in the near future. This planned visit is seen as a significant step towards strengthening the bonds between the two jurisdictions and exploring new avenues for collaboration and exchange.

Region 10 of DeMolay International, which comprises all independent Supreme Councils and European countries, is witnessing a period of dynamic growth and cooperation. The recent developments between DeMolay Philippines, DeMolay Italy, and DeMolay Russia are indicative of the exciting times ahead for the global DeMolay community.

As DeMolay Philippines continues to expand its international footprint, the organization looks forward to the opportunities and experiences that these new partnerships will bring. The future of DeMolay in the Philippines is bright, with the promise of international collaboration and the sharing of best practices to further enhance the organization’s impact on the youth.

Credits to: DeMolay Philippines FB
Edited by: Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, Filipino DeMolay Singapore DAC #46, PP