GM Abella Directs Knighthood Priories to Standardize Robes, Etc.


The Order of Knighthood is an appendant organization under the Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay, Qualified members to the Order of Knighthood are Active DeMolays, who passed their 17th birthday and have not reached their 21st birthday. However, each Knighthood Priory may provide for additional qualification standards for membership based on their By-Laws as approved by the Executive Officer of the Supreme Council. Membership to the Order of Knighthood is not honorary nor an incentive or award for being a DeMolay member in good standing. But rather, Knighthood members, or called as Sir Knights, are introduced to higher degree works in the Order of Knighthood and are trained to become more proficient in the DeMolay rituals thus better help their respective DeMolay Chapters as tutors or lecturers. They are also given higher leadership responsibilities during DeMolay ritual competitions and assigned ceremonial tasks during DeMolay formal functions.

Presently, there are five (5) recognized Order of Knighthood Priories under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council, namely: Thomas Michael Sherry Priory (Manila), Nicasio F. Villareal, Sr. Priory (Naga City), Juan K. Causing Priory (Cebu City), Santiago L. Chua Priory (Tacloban City) and Gen. John Joseph T. Pershing Priory (Zamboanga City).

Recently, the Supreme Council had observed that the Knighthood Priories use different variations in the style, design and colors of their robes and regalia during their formal ceremonies and regular meetings. Thus, Grand Master Edison Abella felt that there is a need to standardize the robes and regalia that are used by the Knighthood Priories. Grand Master Abella directed Ms. Ma. Cristina M. Sordan, Executive Director of the Supreme Council, to discuss the matter with the officers or representatives of the Knighthood Priories and to propose a policy that will adopt the use of a uniform and standardized ritual, robes, regalia and paraphernalia.

On a meeting held on August 25, 2018 at the Philippine DeMolay Youth Center in Manila, Ms. Sordan, together with Brother Sir Knights Albert Manlulu and Sherwin Victor Eledan and the officers of Thomas Michael Sherry Priory, Nicasio F. Villareal, Sr. Priory and Gen. John Joseph T. Pershing Priory met and came up with several recommendations for consideration and approval by Grand Master Abella and the Executive Committee of the Supreme Council on the issue at hand.