DeMolay International Welcomes New Grand Master


In a significant milestone for the DeMolay International community, Brother Jeffery Alan Brunson from Washington DeMolay has been elected as the 93rd Grand Master. This appointment marks a new chapter for the organization, bringing with it the promise of leadership and vision that will undoubtedly steer DeMolay towards a prosperous future.

Grand Master Brunson, who has served as the Executive Officer of Washington DeMolay since 2012, hails from Tacoma, Washington. His dedication and contributions to the DeMolay community are well-documented, making him a deserving recipient of the prestigious DeMolay Grand Cross in June 2021. This honor is a testament to his commitment and the impact he has made within the organization.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, GM Brunson demonstrated exceptional leadership by leading the Executive Officer’s Conference in 2020 as Vice-Chair. His ability to navigate through difficult times and continue the program’s momentum speaks volumes about his resilience and foresight.

The election of Grand Master Jeffery A. Brunson is not only a celebration for Washington DeMolay but for the entire DeMolay International community. His leadership will undoubtedly bring about positive changes and continue the legacy of DeMolay’s mission and values.

In recognition of this momentous occasion, DeMolay Philippines, led by Honorable Grand Master Raymund Joseph Ian “Raji” O. Mendoza, extends its warmest congratulations to Grand Master Jeffery A. Brunson. This gesture symbolizes the unity and camaraderie that exist within the DeMolay community, transcending borders and bringing together members from around the world.

As DeMolay International embarks on this new journey under the leadership of Grand Master Brunson, the organization looks forward to achieving new heights and making a lasting impact on the lives of its members and the communities it serves. The election of a new Grand Master is more than just a change in leadership; it is a beacon of hope and a promise of a brighter future for DeMolay International.

Congratulations, Grand Master Jeffery A. Brunson, on your election, and best wishes for a successful and impactful tenure. Your leadership is a source of inspiration and a guiding light for the DeMolay community as we move forward together.

Credits to: DeMolay Philippines FB
Edited by: Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, Filipino DeMolay Singapore DAC #46, PP