A Beacon of Pride for DeMolay Philippines


In a moment that will be etched in the annals of DeMolay history, Brother Fred Atanacio of the Philippines stood tall on the international stage, making his country and his fellow DeMolay members incredibly proud. The recent elections for the prestigious position of International Congress Secretary saw Brother Fred securing a commendable second place, a testament to his dedication, leadership, and the respect he commands within the global DeMolay community.

The journey to this point was not an easy one, but Brother Fred, known within the organization as NMC Fred Atanacio, faced the challenge with the grace and determination that have come to define his tenure. His performance in the election is a reflection of the esteem in which he is held not only by his compatriots in DeMolay Philippines but by his peers from around the world.

The significance of Brother Fred’s achievement cannot be overstated. He has not only represented DeMolay Philippines with honor but has also opened doors for young men from other countries to step into the international spotlight. His actions have paved the way for future leaders to follow in his footsteps, aiming higher and achieving more for the organization.

As the global DeMolay community celebrates the election of Brother Cole Westmayer as the 58th International Congress Secretary, it is important to recognize the contributions of Brother Fred Atanacio. Brother Cole, a product of Missouri DeMolay and the 55th State Master Councilor, has big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of leaders like Brother Fred who have set a high standard for service, leadership, and international representation.

The election results are a clear indication that the young leaders of DeMolay are ready to take on the challenges of the future, guided by the examples set by their predecessors. Brother Fred Atanacio’s impact on the organization will undoubtedly inspire many more to strive for excellence and to represent their countries with the same level of pride and dedication.

A heartfelt thank you to Brother Fred Atanacio for his service and for making DeMolay Philippines proud. His legacy will continue to inspire young men to stand tall, to lead with integrity, and to make a difference in the world. Congratulations to Brother Cole Westmayer on his election, and may his tenure be as impactful and as proud as the one he inherits.

Credits to: DeMolay Philippines FB
Edited by: Bro. John Louie Marfil, Chev., LOH, Filipino DeMolay Singapore DAC #46, PP