DeMolay Success Stories Part 3


Bro. Ace Antonio (left) and Julian Shakya (right)

Bro Ace started from humble beginnings. He began running a small bar inside his house before he even had the success he’s enjoying right now.

When he decided to collaborate with Mr. Julian Shakya, their bar called Pepper Strings was born. This became a launch pad for both as the establishment grew exponentially.

Bro Ace’s success allowed him to go into other ventures like his Kyubarb Garden Grill which was recently created out of his partnership with Bro Paul Rulla III (PMC-MSA).

This man’s knack for business and his expertise allowed many active DeMolays to learn from his example so we may apply them in our own projects. Thank you bro and may you continue to help us grow!

Posted and Photo by DeMolay Baguio FB Page