Birth of the 107th Chapter


Birth of the 107th Chapter of Order of DeMolay in the Philippines

The Supreme Council Order of DeMolay (SCOD) issued the Letters Temporary for Don Severino M. Delas Alas Centennial Chapter no. 107, Order of DeMolay and was received by the Chairman of the Advisory Council, VW Dad Laudemer Astudillo, PDGL, FSLCF held on April 3, 2022 at the Jose Abad Santos Hall, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines, Manila.

Regional Master Councilor (RMC) Bro. Maverick Bill A. Flor together with the members of Solid Cavite DeMolay led all the six (6) orientations of all the petitioners that were held through combination of face to face and virtual sessions from May 21, 2022 until July 3, 2022. The examination was held on-site at Indang Masonic Temple, Indang, Cavite last July 16, 2022.

The conferral of degrees for the Charter Membership of DSMDACC no. 107 was held last July 16 at Indang Masonic Temple, Indang, Cavite, which was attended by the members of the Advisory Council, parents and family members of the petitioners.

The first Public Installation of Elected and Appointed Officers of Don Severino M. Delas Alas Centennial Chapter No. 107, Order of Demolay was held August 20, 2022 at the Rolle Hall of the Cavite State University, Indang, Cavite. The Installing Dignitaries was led by Bro. Maverick Bill A. Flor, Regional Master Councilor. Hon. Leg. Raymond J. Salazar, Executive Officer for Region IV Cavite installed the Chapter’s Advisory Council led by VW Dad Laudemer A. Astudillo, PDGL, FSLCF as Chairman and the Mother’s Club led by Chapter Mom Rocel D. Labis. Bro. Vincent B. Figueroa, National Master Councilor delivered a Special Message to the Officers and Members of the Chapter. Hon. Albert V. Manlulu, Grand Senior Councilor was the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

The following Officers were installed for this pioneering batch of the Chapter:

Master Councilor : Gabriel Ishmael D. Labis
Senior Councilor : Sean Bryant Antoine S. Silan
Junior Councilor : Francis Andrei N. Ayos
Treasurer : Gian Paolo E. Ambas
Scribe : Vinz Samuelle H. Tenorio
Senior Deacon : Lebron Alen N. Diokno
Junior Deacon : Xian Andrei Lee N. Ayos
Senior Steward : Emjee D. Castor
Junior Steward : Lionel Jun C. Arroyo
Marshal :Nash Kerby A. Nova
Chaplain : Louem Filkhaev R. Silan
Almoner : Lucio Isaac D. Labis
Orator : Emmanuel Joseph F. La Madrid
Standard Bearer : Jhim Hendrix R. Rodil
1st Preceptor : Kelly Michaels N. Eyaya
2nd Preceptor : Kale Nicholas D. Cabrera
3rd Preceptor : Vince Joseph R. Pascual
4th Preceptor : Juillian Carlo R. Dela Cruz
5th Preceptor : Jan Kervi G. Cantimbuhan
6th Preceptor : Samuel R. Ramos
7th Preceptor : Ryan Jimuel Z. Hernandez
Organist : Zul-Qarnain F. Gilera
Sentinel : Adrielle Dwayne C. Salonga

Credits to Bro. Tenorio, Vinz Samuelle H.