Shall be the sole authority in all matters pertaining to the government of the entire Order of DeMolay in the Philippines, and without limiting the foregoing, it shall have complete, original and exclusive jurisdiction and essential powers and privileges necessary for such government, including the power to enact and enforce laws, statutes and regulations for the government of itself and the subordinate Chapters, Advisory Councils and the members or organizations of the Order, and to alter, amend and repeal the same; to constitute new Chapters by granting Letters Temporary and Charters, and for good cause to suspend, annul and revoke the same; to create, establish and preserve a uniform mode of work and lectures, and to publish and issue Rituals, containing authorized work and lectures; to prescribe, adopt and approve all official emblems, jewelries, regalias awards and honors, to assess and collect from the Chapters such sums of monies as may be deemed necessary or desirable by the Supreme Council to accomplish the purposes of the Order; to hear and decide finally all disputes between two (2) or more Chapters or Advisory Councils thereof and all appeals from decisions of the Chapters or Advisory Councils; to hear and decide charges and complaints against any Member, Deputy or Officer of the Supreme Council or of any subordinate organization, and to prescribe disciplinary actions and penalties such as may seem just and proper; to prescribe and define the duties and powers of the Officers of the Supreme Council and its representatives within the jurisdiction; and to exercise such power and perform such acts as may be deemed proper and necessary to carry out the full purpose and intent of the Order.


DeMolay Chapter shall be sponsored by generally recognized Masonic Body or Bodies.

Membership in a DeMolay Chapter shall be limited to boys:

1. Who are at least twelve (12) but not beyond 17 years of age.

2. Who profess a belief in God and reverence for His Holy Name.

3. Who affirm their loyalty to their country and respect for its flag.

4. Who adhere to the practice of personal morality.

5. Who pledge themselves to uphold the high ideals typified by the
seven cardinal virtues in the Crown of Youth.

6. Who accept the philosophy of the Universal Brotherhood of Man and
the nobility of character typified by the life and death of Jacques

Address: Philippine DeMolay Youth center, 1440 San Marcelino St., Ermita, 1000 Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: Tel. (02) 5243854
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