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DeMolay Connect aims to provide a bridge between brothers all around the globe. We hope to inspire each chapter or group, by providing the means to showcase all the great things that we have been doing, all the accomplishments attained, and the best part of it all, is that it gives the opportunity to participate.

Supporting activities of our brothers will be as easy as how we all already do it today, online communication. Providing aids, will be made more efficient. Membership and subscriptions will be accessible to everyone.


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This is a collaborative project between FDSAC #46 (Filipino DeMolay Singapore Alumni Chapter #46), DAAP (DeMolay Alumni Association of the Philippines), and SCOD (Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay)

During the DANCON 2016 held in Olongapo City, the FDSAC #46 (Filipino DeMolay Singapore Alumni Chapter #46) realised the relevance of having a better means of online communication between brothers. SCOD and DAAP supported the idea, and pushed through with. Now we are building this network, piece by piece, until it becomes a reality of our vision.

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We are looking to become the primary communication channel of DeMolays for Filipinos in our country, and abroad. Soon, we will have a central source for information on what is going on. Not only to information, but documents and other media can be through this channel.


We molded great leaders … It is essential that we connect to them.

Joshua Raphael Fuentes