Mt. Makiling Chapter, 35th Public Installation of Officers

Mt. Makiling Chapter, 35th Public Installation of Officers


When: Sunday at 14:00–19:00, 28th August 2016

Where: Makiling Lodge No. 72, F&A, El Danda Compound, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines


Master Councilor: Bro. Homer Louis Berza
Senior Councilor: Bro. Lance Albert Encisa
Junior Councilor: Bro. John Vergel Ramos
Treasurer: Bro. Sulayman Alexis Salvador Fabunan


Scribe: Bro. Paolo Gabriel Caguioa
Chaplain: Bro. Timothy Gerard Contreras
Marshal: Bro. Norman Julius Valencia
Senior Deacon: Bro. Joseph Dormido
Junior Deacon: Bro. Benedict Cardel
Senior Steward: Bro. John Rigor Perez
Junior Steward: Bro. Charles Frederick Canoy
Standard Bearer: Bro. Eduardo Pagulayan
Orator: Bro. Carl Andrew Florendo
Almoner: Bro. Francis Cedric Apelo
Sentinel: Bro. Janssen Calvelo
1st Preceptor: Bro. Rabi Andres
2nd Preceptor: Bro. Lorenzo Zavalla
3rd Preceptor: Bro. Darcy Andal
4th Preceptor: Bro. Cedric Calla
5th Preceptor: Bro. Paolo Madiam
6th Preceptor: Bro. Jethro Javier
7th Preceptor: Bro. Junnel Sicad

For guests, please wear appropriate attire:
LADIES: Dress, Skirt and Blouse, Dress shoes
MEN: Pants and Polo shirt or Long-sleeved Shirt and Closed Shoes

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  1. Author
    John Louie 1 year ago

    Congratulations to the newly Elected and Appointed Officers! Keep the candles burning Brethren!

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